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The Civil Observation Brigades for Peace and Human Rights (BriCO) responds to the need to open up spaces of civil society to help keep the faith alive for indigenous communities, to preserve their dignity and to try to reconstruct the social tissue with respect for their own dynamics and in accordance to their self-determination as indigenous Peoples.

Brief history of the project

Would you like to participate?

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keep away the
military threat
To participate in this project you have to fill-up the following requirements:
  1. Have a letter of recommendation and training from a solidarity organization associated to Frayba. In case it is the first time your organization sends volunteers to Frayba it is essential to present it to us.
  2. Speak Spanish fluently.
  3. Be able to stay for at least 15 days in a community.
  4. To be over 18 years of age.
  5. (For foreigners) Photocopies of passport and of current visa.
  6. A recently taken photo.
  7. Fill out the registration form for participants. (Which you will receive upon arrival.)
  8. Participate in our training workshop, starting at 11:00 a.m. every Monday at Frayba.
If you have these requirements and would like to participate, contact us at [email protected]

Other ways to get in contact with us.
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